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 Application Stories, 2005..2007                                                                                                                      

Here we have included information on  interesting applications, etc. If you would like to receive further details of any of the items or have similar requirements, please Contact Us.

  2007: Asphalt Plants Save Energy : PPT Drive Systems have supplied, installed and commissioned Vacon NX range of VSD's rated between 55kW and 132kW for energy saving application on the Main Exhaust Fans of 7 North West England Asphalt Plants.  The existing mechanical damper based control systems were re-engineered producing overall energy savings in excess of 30%.
 2007:  Conveyor OEM Upgrades to VSD Control:  In partnership with VSD manufacturer Vacon Drives UK, PPT Drve Systems have provided an inovative modular control solution for a Midlands based manufacturer of conveyor systems.  The system replaced  outdated dc drive tehnology and provides a "plug-and-play" soluton to control between 6 and 32 indivdual drive motors.  To date, over 100 systems have been manufactured.
 2007: VSD's Save Energy at UK Bank's Data Centre: 23 x Vacon NXL IP54 VSD's have been supplied installed and commissioned on behalf of the site facility management organisation as part of an energy saving initiative at a UK Bank's Data Centre building in the Home Counties. The VSD's hae been applied to both fan and pump loads and will be linked into the existing Trend BMS. Savings of between 30-50% should be realised.
 2007:  Top Class Hotel invests in VSD's to Save Energy:  8x Vacon NXL IP54 VSD's have been supplied installed and commissioned on behalf of a UK based energy solutions company at a top class hotel and spa in South Yorkshire.  The VSD's hae been applied to existing AHU loads and will be linked into the existing Trend BMS.  Savings of between 30-50% should be realised.
 2007:  Major Supermarket Giant Invests in Energy Saving: PPT Drive Systems have provided contracting services as part of a major energy saving iniative provided by a UK based energy solutions company.  The contract involved fitting and commissioning additional control system components including a remote access BMS panel, lighting controls including lux sensors and temperature controls for heating and air-conditioning control.  To date, over 300 sites have been completed.
 2007:  VSD's Save Energy at UK Holiday Village Complex : PPT Drive Systems have supplied, installed and commissioned 19 x Vacon NX IP54 VSD's with ratings between 4kW and 45kW for energy saving application at a Holiday Village Complex in Northern England on behalf of a UK based energy solutions company. PPT also re-installed and commissioned 2 x existing 75kW Siemens VSD's.  Applications ranged from AHU supply fans, extract fans, chilled water pumps, and pool circulation pumps.
 2007:  Replacement VSD's at UK Bank HQ:  PPT Dive Systems supplied, installed and commissioned 6 x Vacon NX range of VSD's controlling the main ventilation AHU's at the HQ of a major UK Bank in the Home Counties on behalf of the sites facility management organisation.  The VSD's which ranged from 30kW - 90kW replaced the original life-expired units.  New control panel ventiation equipment was also provide to ensure maximum reliability from the new drives.
 2007:  Internation Airport Invests in VSD's for Energy Saving:  PPT Drive Systems have installed 22 x Telemecanique ATV61 VSD's on behalf of the Services & Projects Division of a major international control and automation organisation on the AHU's providing ventilation at one of the terminals at a Midlands International Airport.  Savings of at least 30% are predicted.
 2006: Inverter Control Panels for Hungarian Automotive Factory: PPT Drive Systems provided 8 bespoke inverter control panels utilising Telemecanique ATV38 drives with power ratings 110kW, 90kW & 75kW to a Midlands-based air filtration manufacturer. On-site commissioning support in Hungary was also provided.
 2006: Hospital Saves Energy with VSD's: PPT Drive Systems supplied, installed and commissioned 2 x 30kW Telemecanique ATV38 VSD's on behalf of the on-site BMS contractor at a large County Hospital in the East Midlands.. The drives were applied to Main Heating Pumps and controlled via the BMS to achieve significant energy savings.
 2006: Prison Laundry Saves Energy: PPT Drive Systems supplied and installed Vacon NXS IP54 VSD's to oil pumps feeding a large industrial laundry at a prison establishment in North West England. A 10% turndown in pump speed resulted in a 30% energy saving without adversely affecting the process.
 2006: Fan Drives supplied to Roadstone Quarry: PPT Drive Systems designed and built control panels for 1 x 110kW and 2 x 75kW Telemecanique ATV38 VSD's which were supplied to an East Midlands quarry via a global automation solutions provider. The panels were engineered to withstand the harsh quarry environment.
 2005: Glass Manufacturer Saves 30% of his Total Electricity Costs: PPT Drive Systems provided 2 x 160kW VSD's replacing mechanical guide vane damper control on the hardening machine quenching fans of a Merseyside glass manufacturer. Extradordinary energy saving results were achieved in addition to reduced noise levels and lower motor bearing temperatures.
 2005: Inverter Drive Control Panels supplied for Energy Saving Application in the Pharmaceutical Industry: PPT Drive Systems Ltd secured a contract from a global automation provider for the Design, Manufacture & Testing of 13 Control Panels using Telemecanique Altivar 38 inverter drives rated 90kW & 110kW for retro-fit energy saving application on AHU's.
 2005: 54% Energy Saving for Health & Fitness Club: PPT Drive Systems supplied, installed & commissioned 14 variable speed drives 2.2..11kW on AHU Fans, Pool Pumps & Heating Pumps at a North East England-based site. Re-programming of the BMS with reduced speed operation where appropriate should produce an annual energy saving of 54% equating to over £15,000.
 2005: Energy From Waste Plant Saves £90,000 in Electricity Consumption: PPT Drive Systems supplied variable speed drives on boiler process fans providing flow control that was previously by inefficient mechanical dampers. More accurate emissions control together with energy savings in excess of 50% were achieved.
 2005: Drives Save Energy for Brick Manufacturer: Following a successful trial at a Midlands brick making plant involving replacing a mechanical butterfly valve on a Kiln Jet Burner Fan with a 15kW ATV38E drive & pressure sensor, the improved control & energy savings achieved enabled PPT to secure an additional order for two further sets of equipment.