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 Application Stories, 2008...

Here we have included information on  interesting applications, etc. If you would like to receive further details of any of the items or have similar requirements, please Contact Us.

 2008: Additional VSD's provided to Supermarket sites : PPT Drive Systems have supplied, installed and commissioned 20+ additional VSD's to 12 supermarket sites in North West England.  The Vacon NXL IP54 VSD's were installed following site surveys carried out on behalf of a major UK Energy Management company tasked to review exisiting VSD installations.
 2008: VSD's provides Powerful Control for Crusher Plant : PPT Drive Systems have supplied, installed and commissioned a bespoke control panel containing Telemecanique ATV71 High Torque VSD's controlling the main crusher motor (132kW) and feeder motors (3kW) of a new crusher plant at a South Wales quarry.  The VSD's provided the exceptional starting torque required for a loaded crusher whilst mainitaining a relatively low starting current within the plant supply capacity.
 2008: UK Supermarket Giant specifies VSD's to Save Energy: 70+ Vacon NXL/NXS IP54 VSD's rated up to 45kW are being supplied, installed and commissioned by PPT Drive Systems on behalf of a major UK BMS/Energy Management company at Supermarket Distrubution Centres across the UK.  The VSD's are being installed primarily on major gas-fired AHU plant in both Ambient and Chilled Distribution Centres.  Control cabling is being provided to enable the retro-fit VSD's to be controlled by the existing BMS.
 2008:  Clothing Distribution Centre Invests in Energy Saving Equipment:  11x Vacon NXL IP54 VSD's have been supplied, installed and commissioned on behalf of a UK based energy solutions company at the European Distribution Centre of an American-owned clothing/lifestyle company based in the East Midlands.  The VSD's were applied to AHU Fans and Chilled Water Pumps.  PPT Drive Systems also provided contracting services for the fitting of energy saving lighting controls.
 2008:  High Schools Save Energy:  PPT Drve Systems have supplied, installed and commissioned 14 x Vacon NXL IP54 VSD's rated between 1.1-7.5kW on swimming pool circulation pumps and ventilation fans on behalf of a Midlands County Council at 5 different high school sites.  Programmable timers were incorporated to provide a simple, yet energy efficient, form of control.  Savings in excess of 30% are predicted.
  2008:  Petrol Stations Save Energy:  PPT Drive Systems have provided contracting services as part of a major energy saving iniative provided by a UK based energy solutions company.  The contract involved fitting and commissioning additional control system components including a remote access BMS panel, lighting controls including lux sensors and temperature controls for heating and air-conditioning control.  To date, over 150 petrol station sites have been completed.